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Our mission is to create a state wide network of Recovery Homes (clean and sober living homes) to help people suffering from Substance Use Disorder, re-assimilate into society by supporting the transitions from active use, to recovery, to independent living.

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Vermont Foundation of Recovery


Our vision is that every Vermonter struggling with Substance Use Disorder has ready access to a full spectrum of recovery supports and services.  VFOR envisions a future in which it will be able to connect individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder with services which shepherd them from detoxification, to inpatient treatment, to outpatient counseling, to sober living and employment, and ultimately, to stable sobriety and independent living as valued and productive members of their communities.  We envision that these services will be available to anyone who needs them, and that they will be available locally and without delay.

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Is this for me?

Find out by filling out an application today!

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Vermont Foundation of Recovery Membership Requirements

1 Recovery Mentor
  • Recovery Coach- A recovery coach is a professionally trained individual that provides support, encouragement, validation, accountability, challenge and insight into who you are and what you can become.

  • Recovery Sponsor- A sponsor is someone who has suffered from addiction and has experienced recovery by working the Twelve Steps as outlined in the Twelve Step Program. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotic Anonymous (NA) are both 12-step recovery programs for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Spiritual Advisor-

  • Counselor/Therapist- 

1 Recovery Commitment
  • A recovery commitment can be but not limited to:

  • * Joining a homegroup

  • * Getting a service commitment at a recovery center.

  • *Get a service commitment at District.

Work, Volunteer, or Education
  • Members must engage in 20 hours per week of work, volunteering, or going to school.


“What I needed was a place that let me have the freedom to work, make friends, and learn how to be sober and enjoy life while also holding me responsible. I was expected to build a relationship with a sponsor, get and hold a job, and attend meetings. I have started to acquire the skills needed to deal with life without having to turn to a drink or a drug. The VFOR program has taught me how to balance an active, fulfilling life with sobriety.”

— VFOR Member

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802 - 735 - 4340

P.O. Box 5490, Essex Jct VT 05453

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