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Susan Burland

House Coordinator

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Susan's Bio:

Susan is testament to the power of resilience and reinvention. After several years as a professional seamstress, she embarked on a new chapter, returning to college to pursue a degree in human services.


Recognizing the value of her life experiences, Susan discovered her true purpose lay in aiding others navigating the complexities of life, particularly in the realm of substance recovery. Joining VFOR as a House Coordinator, she found a place where her insights and empathy could be channeled into meaningful impact.


Susan's journey of personal growth allowed her to offer invaluable guidance and support to women seeking solace and stability on their own paths to recovery. Her unwavering commitment to sharing her experience, strength, hope, and wisdom has become a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the way for others to find their footing and forge a foundation for lasting transformation.

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